Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Pass4sure 640-461 Question Answer

An administrator is attempting to add a new user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration but does not see the option to add a new user. What is the most likely cause of this issue? 

A. The SQL User database is not running.
B. The system is synchronized with an LDAP server.
C. BAT is not enabled.
D. The administrator has the a€ceno user adda€ rights box checked.
E. The SIP Realm is not defined in User Management.

Answer: B                                                                    
An administrator wants to locate and remove all unassigned directory numbers on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system. Which method is the best method to accomplish this task? 

A. Choose Device > Phone. Search all phones and remove the undesired directory numbers.
B. Use the Dial Plan Installer to remove the directory numbers.
C. Use the Disaster Recovery System to restore only valid directory numbers.
D. Choose Call Routing > Route Plan Report, choose the Unassigned DN drop-down menu, and then remove all orphaned directory numbers.
E. Choose Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults and use the wizard to locate and remove the orphaned directory numbers.

Answer: D

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